Mas Gasset is a country estate near Riudoms, birthplace of Antoni Gaudí, located a short drive away from Reus airport. Mas Gasset enriches the neighbouring agricultural landscape with its distinct, stunning profile. The house's prominent, hundred year-old tower provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, encompassing the Roman city of Tarragona, the seaside town of l'Hospitalet de l'Infant and the beautiful vineyard-laden hills of the Baix Camp. The property's exuberant vegetation and carefully tended gardens provide an ideal location for family gatherings and work meetings. The Mas Gasset estate also hosts a vibrant agricultural production, which includes extremely fine olive oil derived from the coveted Arbequina variety of olives and a diverse and eclectic range of decorative pumpkins. Mas Gasset can accommodate parties of 40 people all year round and up to 100 in the summer under a large marquee. Everyone, young and old, will find delight in the gardens and park, which include extraordinary specimens such as a monumental 400-year-old oak tree by one of the water basins and a giant cassava tree. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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