Olive oil

The olive oil from Mas Gasset in Riudoms, which lies within the area of the Siurana designation of origin, is extracted from the estate's arbequina olive trees, which are slightly pruned by hand each year and only sprayed a few times per season with copper sulphate — a traditional treatment to prevent fungal and insectan infections.

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The mature trees are not irrigated (except in periods of great drought) so as to ensure the high density of the olives, which results in a particularly smooth oil. No herbicides or organic insecticides of any kind are used. The fruits from the trees are harvested by hand during the first half of November. This early harvest imparts a natural freshness and a particular fruity flavour to our oil, all the while maintaining a very low acidity.

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Every day after the harvest, the olives are taken to the Mallafré mill, which has all the required health, hygiene and quality certificates, whereupon the virgin oil is extracted immediately with a single cold pressing. The oil is allowed to stand for several weeks before being bottled. The oil is funnelled into 500ml glass bottles and special 2l plastic bottles. The oil is not filtered at all in order to ensure that all its sensory richness is retained. As a result, over time, one may expect the appearance of a small residue which is in no way detrimental to the product.

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The limited production of about 700 litres of Mas Gasset olive oil per year has been considered by many experts to possess an exceptional taste. Moreover, it is distinguished by its purity and as such could surely obtain an "ecological" label.